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WE MISS YOU - With every few seasons it seems that we lose an important person who has a major tie with The Maryland Renaissance Festival. We would like to recognize some of these lost friends here.

Ingrid Wendt - Ingrid Wendt of Medieval Moccasins passed away just a few days before faire opened in 2013.

Owain Phyfe - Although "The Bard" had not performed at MDRF since 2002, his performances at several Renaissance festivals are legendary. His music will not pass, as he did, in early September of 2012.

Miles Tonne - Leather craftsman extraordinaire and friend to everyone at MDRF, passed in the summer of 2012. His spirit of love will always shimmer at the festival.

Betty Farrell - Midway through the 2011 season, the owner of "Rosies Posies" passed after more then 25 years of running the shop..

Ron Santos - On the very last day of MDRF 2008 we lost our good friend and castmember, Ron Santos who played Captain Fernando Cristobal de Mendoza at the festival.

Dan The Master Joyner - A few days after the 2006 season, Revel Grove lost one of the first vendors at MDRF to be a part of the

Ken Carns - In 2003 Ken Carns passed away. Ken owned and operated the Museum of UnNatural History.

Bill Huttel - On November 12, 2001 The Maryland Renaissance Festival lost its king when the actor playing Henry VIII for the previous 13 years passed.

Long Live The King. As is the course of life, some folks are taken from us. In time we all will succumb and on this page we remember our fallen MDRF comrades.

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