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2022 SEASON UPDATE - Welcome to Revel Grove in Oxfordshire, England.

Please join us as we enjoy all the merriment that The Maryland Renaissance Festival (MDRF) has to offer. We are the "playtrons" (those who dress in garb for each day of the festival) and we support the festival as you do. Join our group, meet some new friends, and raise a tankard with a mighty HUZZZZAHHHH!

Who Joins Us?
People from all parts of society and economic levels. Friends of MDRF can be considered a great leveler of society as folks who'd never meet on a day-to-day basis find a passionate common interest. Through us and our kindred spirit of MDRF you'll make friends with bankers, farmers, military, clerks, police, starving actors, firefighters, bakers, and even a politician or two. It's a wonderful conglomeration of friends, whether dressed as royals, pyrates, knights, or peasants.

We strive to make your inclusion in the magic of MDRF one of infinite wonder every season since 2002. Although there is no official fan base as set by the owners of the festival, we are one of the measures used by the festival to gauge the success of the event. We are often the only sounding board for the festival and our fellowship continues to grow each year. Friends of MDRF is often duplicated but never equalled in our dedication and resolve to . . . just have a great time at MDRF!

I greatly appreciate your supporting the event
with your enthusiasm and participation.
-- Jules Smith, MDRF President

His Royal Highness. Local actor Fred Nelson portrays King Henry VIII every season at MDRF since 2002. We're thankful to have such great talent as our monarch and we're proud to have him as a Friend of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

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