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MILESTONES - Since its humble beginnings in 1977, The Maryland Renaissance Festival, in re-enacting history, has made quite a bit of it on its own.

1977 - In Symphony Woods in Columbia, MD, Queen Elizabeth I begins her reign when MDRF opens for the first time.

1985 - The Maryland Renaissance Festival moves to the Crownsville, MD location.
1989 - The reigning Tudor monarch changes from Elizabeth I to her father, King Henry VIII who is played by Bill Huttel.

1999 - Hurricane Floyd hits and threatens to close the festival. A huge portable generator saves the day.

2002 - Fred Nelson begins his reign as King Henry VIII.
2009 - Rumors begin that the festival is looking for a larger area to lay permanent roots for the faire. The land in Crownsville is only leased by MDRF.

2011 - The festival closes early due to Hurricane Irene and does not re-open until the following weekend.

2014 - Owners of the festival need to move the event due to land and access limitations. A spot near Lothian, MD is selected and surveyed and the denial of the Anne Arundel County Planning and Zoning Committee is under appeal.

38 Years of History. The Maryland Renaissance Festival hasn't always been in it's present location and there's still rumors that it won't remain in this spot. However, these trees have seen a lot of history and not just Tudor re-enactment!

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