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THIRTEEN YEARS - We've had much history over the last decade-plus, growing from the original five members of 2002 into the hundreds we have today. Some folks come and go as the years press on while others hang in there with us every 19 days of the season. . .every season.

We've had several out-of-festival parties, some to warm up our garb for the coming season and others just because we've not seen each other in a while. For most of us, the only time we see one another is at The Maryland Renaissance Festival. Prior to advent of Facebook, we were called upon by the festival's administrative staff to act as mouthpiece to the playtron community. We are more than happy to help out in any way possible and we've earned the festival's trust by diffusing rumors and presenting changes at the festival in a positive light.

So we've moved on through the seasons, gaining fresh momentum each year, gathering MDRF cast members, MDRF vendors, and playtrons alike. Our Facebook page has become, by far, the most popular group effort.

Months in early 2012 were spent re-working the website into it's current look and feel, our first major change since the 2006 season. But since then we've not gone unnoticed, winning several awards in the top-five of all Renaissance festival communities on the web, according to the Renaissance Festival Awards.

2014 should be a classic season of friends enjoying each other's company and our love of all things MDRF growing.
A Cast of Hundreds. Once or twice each festival season we like to get together for a group photograph such as this one taken in 2005.

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